Wanted Killer VR is a fast paced shooter in which you move through the environment by teleport to the purple character outlines left behind by dead enemies. These do not only serve as points the player can move to, but also give the player the powerful weapon of the dead enemy. Ammo runs out quickly, so you have to constantly think about which enemy to kill to get into the best position and with the best weapon for the situation.


Date: 5th Semester (201718)
Location: Internship at Playsnak
Time limit: 4 months
Team size: 2-8 People
Engine: Unity 3D
Constraint: Create a VR game, using the art assets from Wanted Killer (mobile).

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My Part: I was responsible for designing the the core gameplay loop, as well as implementing many of the systems needed for it. This includes:

  • Player ability to move to dead enemy positions and acquire their weapon
  • Enemy cover system
  • Player and enemy weapons
  • AI tools programming (extending behavior designer)
  • Enemy spawning system
  • Wave design tool
  • In engine debug utilities

What I learned: Working within the company I had the opportunity to observe the requirements for managing teams efficiently and bringing a game to the market. By working together with a professional producer I could further my understanding of team organization methodologies required to work efficiently. I also had the opportunity to harness my tool programming skills, learning more about how to design tools to maximize usability and how to evaluate which functionalities will have the greatest impact.