In competitive online 1v1 matches you are hunter and hunted. Your goal is to snap a picture of the enemy player. In a completely white level you have to use your abilities to paint black or white spots and change your color, to get the edge on your opponent.


Date: 3rd Semester (201617)
Time limit: 3 months
Team size: 4 People
Engine: Unity 3D
Constraint: Use a maximum of 12 Objects with high reusability.

My Part: I worked on finding a method that would enable the painting of the environment with acceptable performance. I also worked on design and implementations of networking, visibility testing, movement and player abilities.

What I learned: I learned how to use the integrated Unity network solution (a client-server model implementation), to enable online play. In this project we used scrum to optimize our workflow and I feel comfortable applying this methodology to future projects. I now know how you can manipulate large textures efficiently in Unity at runtime, by running these operations in a shader on the GPU.