Take control of a fragile orb and use its ability to pull itself towards a surface with grappling hooks to traverse the deadly world. Every collision is lethal, so you have to carefully maneuver yourself as you move towards the portal.


Date: 2nd Semester (2016)
Time limit: 3 months
Team size: 3 People
Engine: Unity 3D
Constraint: Create a playable vertical slice of a 2D game. It has to be about 4 screens long.

Download the game

My Part: My main focus was the design and implementation of the movement system. I also recorded, processed and implemented the sounds and helped to develop the visual style.

What I learned: This was the first time I took part in the creation of a digital game, so I had the opportunity to learn many things. I internalized the process of how you can create a concept and translate it into software under constant iteration. I also learned the importance of organization and communication when trying to efficiently work in a team. For the first time I used Unity 3D to create a game and learned how to use Unity’s tools and C# to translate my vision into an interactive system. I learned how to use sound effectively to emphasize the gameplay and that you can use ordinary objects combined with sound processing to create interesting sound effects.